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Upload document instructions

For students who need to upload documents to their online off-campus study file, follow the procedures below to scan, upload, and save a document in your file.

  1. Know the location on your computer of the document to be uploaded. If the document is in an email or another location other than on the computer, save it to the computer first before proceeeding.
  2. On the online application page where the document needs to be saved, click the “Browse” button. The file upload box appears. 
  3. Click on “Look In” area at the top of the box, then choose the file/location of the document. 
  4.  Click one time on the document name and select Open (or double-click to Open)
  5. Click the SAVE button at the bottom to save the upload to the file.  
  6. If you do not have access to a scanner to upload documents, there are locations on campus where a document can be uploaded and saved to a computer or jumpdrive.
  • Kehrl Library – Olofsson Room (next to Smith Room)  
  • SAC Computer Lab on first floor – staff there can provide the scanner location and instructions
  • CSO office – Monday – Wednesday (5:00pm – 8:00 pm) a scanner is available for Spring Term and Off-Campus Study students to upload documents to their online account.

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